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World hero Khan Asparukh (for ladies)

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Width               (inches)  ( cm )
S                       16.1        41
M                      16.9        43
L                       18.1         46 
XL                    18.9        48

Length             (inches)   ( cm )

S                       22.8         58

M                      24.0         61

L                       24.4         62

XL                     24.8         63


Asparukh establishes one of the Bulgarian Empires. Asparukh was followed by 30,000 to 50,000 Bulgars.He reached the Danube and while the Byzantine capital Constantinople was besieged by Muawiyah I, Caliph of the Arabs (674–678), he and his people settled in the Danube delta, probably on the now disappeared Peuce Island. After the Arab siege of Constantinople ended, the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IV marched against the Bulgars and their Slav allies in 680 and forced his opponents to seek shelter in a fortified encampment. Forced to abandon the leadership of his army in order to seek medical treatment for his ailments in Anchialo ( today’s Pomorie), the emperor sabotaged the morale of his troops, who gave in to rumours that their emperor had fled. With segments of the Byzantine army starting to desert, the Bulgars and their allies broke through the blockade and routed the enemy troops at the battle of Ongala in 680. Asparuh then swiftly moved from the Danubian delta down to the Balkan range.

The image and the words are cited from the epic movie ”Khan Asparukh (1981)” in the leading role Stoiko Peev, script by Vera Mutafchieva.

London Cool Line is a Bulgarian designer line created in London, UK. Our main aim is to give opportunity to more Bulgarians in the world and people who are interested, to wear clothes with our national heroes and culture. Our t-shirts have thoughtful and meaningful texts which can spark interest in Bulgarian history and more.

We work with high quality materials. Our t-shirts are 100% Cotton. The images are made using screen printing, which is the gold standard in t-shirt making. All this plus unique design makes our products special and individual. Best results by hand wash. These are Bulgarian treasures so it is highly recomended to hand wash the items.

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